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TradeTech is proudly represented by our Prolink brand.  We have long-term relationships with suppliers around the world who assist us to source, design and manufacture high quality products well suited to the New Zealand AV environment. 

AV installers, electricians and service technicians can be confident that the Prolink range will meet the standards and specifications expected in the marketplace. 

Prolink product is distributed throughout New Zealand and Australia to electrical wholesalers, electronic service companies and sold direct to the public.
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AV Installers Catalogue  2013

Prolink A/V catalogue

TradeTech has always had a reputation as an excellent source of A/V leads, connectors and components and we are showcasing these products in our latest A/V catalogue.
Along with our extensive range of leads, connectors and cables are many new products including HDMI convertors, distributors and switch boxes.

Our new Prolink A/V catalogue has proved extremely popular with our customers.
The clear concise layout, detailed index and extensive range of products makes it easy for customers to see at a glance what we have in stock. Many customers have commented that it makes ordering easy and they have learnt a lot more about the type of products TradeTech carries.

Contact us now if you would like a catalogue sent to you.

Alternatively, if you would like to download a catalogue right now, please click here

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Parts Division
We carry over 35,000 product lines including a large range of service and electronic spare parts for Televisions, Videos, Microwaves, HiFi and Home Audio, DVD, & Computer Products. We also carry Telephone Accessories, Service Tools, Service Chemicals, Aerials, Resistors, Capacitors, Transistors, Semi Conductors, Fuses, Power Packs, Switch Mode Power Supplies, Power Invertors, Fans, Leads, Plugs, Sockets & Interconnect Leads. We are also the New Zealand spare parts agent for Uniden and Philips.

A/V Division
The Audio Video Division has grown along with incredible advances in A/V technology. TradeTech now supplies a wide range of Prolink branded A/V Leads (including HDMI, Component & Composite), A/V and Speaker Cables, Plugs Sockets & Connectors, Distribution Systems, Speakers and Wall Brackets to Installers both large and small, Wholesalers and the General Public throughout New Zealand.

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