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Our Range

Our Range

TradeTech carries over 35,000 lines including a large range of service spare parts for Televisions, Videos, Microwaves, Audio, DVD, & Computer Products. We also carry Aerials, Resistors, Capacitors, Transistors, Semi Conductors, Fuses, Power Packs, Switch Mode Power Supplies, Power Invertors, Fans, Leads, Plugs, Sockets & Interconnect Leads. We carry the Prolink range of AV accessories including HDMI Leads, HDMI Extenders, Convertors and Processors, IR Extenders. We also carry the Accento range of In-Wall and In-Ceiling Speakers.

If you are unsure of the product you are searching for, then the product list can help you, click here

We are also Parts Agent for Philips in New Zealand.

We also support the Brand names and Suppliers listed below.

Accentoaccento logo low

- Speakers
- Leads


- Clean
- Lubricate
- Protect


Cellphone Accessories

- Chargers
- Car Chargers
- Hands Free Headsets
- Leather Cases
- and more....


- Headphones
- MultiMedia Headsets


Cypress Technologycypress_logo.jpg

- Video Standards Convertors
- Multi System TV Pattern Generators
- VHF/UHF TV Modulators
- Video Processors
- Digital Mixers/Time Base Correctors
- Video Scalers
- DV to Analog Convertors
- Colour Quad & PIP Processors
- PC Multimedia


- Cleaning Products
- Sprays
- Resins
- Conformal Coatings


- Soldering Stations
- Rework Stations
- Hot Air Blowers
- Lead-Free
- Smoke Absorbers
- Solder Wick


Support Watch TV
- TV Brackets
- LCD Brackets
- Plasma Brackets
- Projector Brackets
- Speaker Brackets
- Component Brackets

One For Alloneforall_logo_1.gif

- Universal Remote Controls
- AV Sender with Remote Extender



- Spare Parts for Philips

ProlinkProlink full logo linking lifestyles technology 1

- Leads
- Cables
- Wall Brackets & Supports
- HDMI Leads
- HDMI Matrixes, Switches and Extender Products
- IR Extender Products
- AV Wallplates and Inserts
- Plugs, Sockets and Adaptors

UUniden Logo smallniden

- Cordless & Corded phones.
- UHF radios – mobile/base & handheld.
- VHF Marine radios – mobile/base & handheld.
- AM CB radios – for in-vehicle use.
- In-vehicle GPS Navigation units.
- Vehicle Security units.
- Bluetooth vehicle hands-free cellular speaker units.
- Scanners.
- Bluetooth Portable Teleconference Music and Speakerphones.
- Wireless devices, including Baby Video Monitor, Security Cameras.


- Alkaline Batteries
- Super Heavy Duty Batteries


- Microphones

Having trouble finding the right part?

Below is a list of most common search descriptions or you can go to the Shop page to view a full range of our products.

100 Volt Line Speakers
AC Power Packs
Accento Speakers
Aerial Amplifiers
Aerial Attenuators
Aerial Baluns
Aerial Combiners
Aerial Diplexors
Aerial Distribution Amplifiers
Aerial Filters
Aerial Masthead Amplifiers
Aerial Mounting Poles
Aerial Splitters
AF Products
Alkaline Batteries
Answer Machines
Audio Belts
Audio Cassette Idlers
Audio Heads
Audio Leads
Audio Motors
Audio Pinch Rollers
Audio Valves
AV Cables
AV Leads
AV Modulators
AV Convertors and Processors
AV Senders
AV Wallplates and Inserts
A/V Cables
A/V Leads
A/V Modulators
A/V Convertors and Processors
A/V Senders
A/V Wallplates and Inserts
Audio Video Cables
Audio Video Leads
Audio Video Modulators
Audio Video Convertors and Processors
Audio Video Senders
Audio Video Wallplates and Inserts
Blank CD Roms
Bluetooth Accessories
Bluetooth Headphones
Bluetooth Receivers
Bridge Rectifiers
Cable Clips
Cable Ties
CAIG Products
Camcorder Batteries
Car Alarms
CD Lasers
CD Mechanisms
CD Motors
CD Spindle Motors
CD Traverse Motors
Ceiling Speakers
Cellphone Batteries
Cellphone Car Chargers
Cellphone Cases
Cellphone Chargers
Cellphone Hands Free Headsets
Cellphone Sync Chargers
Cellphone USB Chargers
Ceramic Filters
ChipQuik Desoldering
Cleaning Products
Cleaning Solutions
Cleaning Sprays
Cleaning Swabs
Coax Cables
Coaxial Cables
Communication Mounts
Component Convertors and Processors
Component Brackets
Component Cables
Component Leads
Computer Cables
Computer Leads
Computer Fans
Computer Plugs & Sockets
Corded Phones
Cordless Headphones
Cordless Phones
Cordless Phone Aerials
Cordless Phone Batteries
CRC Products
DC Leads
DC Power Packs
DC Power Supplies
DECT Phones
Desolder Stations
Desolder Tools
Desoldering Braid
Desoldering Stations
Desoldering Tools
Desoldering Wick
Digital Audio Video Modulators
Digital Audio Video Convertors and Processors
Digital Camera A/V Leads
Digital Camera Batteries
Digital Camera USB Leads
DVD Lasers
DVD Mechanisms
DVD Motors
DVD Spindle Motors
DVD Traverse Motors
DVI Adaptors
DVI Leads
DVI Signal Processors & Convertors
Electrolytic Capacitors
ESD Protection Products
ESD Mats
ESD Wrist Straps
Extension Leads
Flat Belts
Freeview Decoders
Freeview Set Top Boxes
Fusible Resistors
GPS Units
Grain of Wheat Lamps
Hand Tools
HDMI Adaptors
HDMI cat5 Extenders
HDMI Extenders
HDMI Matrixes
HDMI Leads
HDMI Signal Processors & Convertors
HDMI Switches
HDMI Wallplates
Headphone Leads
Heavy Duty Batteries
In-Wall Speakers
IR Extenders
IR Room Extenders
Infrared Extenders
Infrared Room Extenders
Intergrated Circuits
LCD Brackets
LCD Mounting Brackets
LCD Wall Brackets
LED Brackets
LED Mounting Brackets
LED Wall Brackets
Light Emitting Diodes
Line Output Transformers
LiIon Batteries
Li-Ion Batteries
Lithium Batteries
Lithium Ion Batteries
LOPT's (Line Output Transformers)
Microphone Cable
Microphone Leads
Microwave Capacitors
Microwave Diodes
Microwave Door Switches
Microwave Fuses
Microwave Lamps
Microwave Magnetrons
Microwave Roof Liners
Mid Range Speakers
Multi Meters
NiCad Batteries
Nickel Cadmium Batteries
NiMH Batteries
Nickel Metal Hydride Batteries
OMB LCD Brackets
OMB LED Brackets
OMB Plasma Brackets
OMB Wall Brackets
Panavise Mounts
PCB Holding Tools
Plasma Brackets
Plasma Wall Brackets
Philips Spare Parts
Power Adaptors
Power Boards
Power Invertors
Power Leads
Power Packs
Power Supplies
Primary Batteries
Projector Brackets
Prolink Cables
Prolink HDMI Extenders
Prolink HDMI Leads
Prolink HDMI Matrixes
Prolink HDMI Switch
Prolink IR Extenders
Prolink Leads
Prolink IR Repeaters
Prolink Speaker Cables
Prolink Wall Brackets
Prolink Wall Plates
Rechargeable Batteries
Remote Controls
Remote Control Extenders
Remote Extenders
RF Leads
Satelite Decoders & Set Top Boxes
Satelite Set Top Boxes
Satelite Dishes
Satelite Mounting Accessories
Scart Leads
Screw Drivers
Secondary Batteries
Security Cameras
Security Mounts
Semi Conductors
Service Tools
Side Cutter
Silver Oxide Batteries
Smoke Extractors
SMPS (Switch Mode Power Supplies)
Solder Flux
Solder Irons
Solder Machines
Solder Paste
Solder Stations
Solder Tools
Solder Wire
Soldering Flux
Soldering Irons
Soldering Machines
Soldering Stations
Soldering Tools
Speaker Brackets
Speaker Cables
Speaker Mounts
Square Belts
Stereo Remote Controls
Sub Woofer Speakers
Super Heavy Duty Batteries
Surface Mount Capacitors
Surface Mount Resistors
Surge Protectors
Switch Mode Power Supplies (SMPS)
Systems Convertors
Tact Switches
Tantalum Capacitors
Tek Screws
Telephone Adaptors
Telephone Leads
Telephone Plugs
Telephone Sockets
Telescopic Antenna
Television Brackets
Television Line Output Transformers
Television Remote Controls
Television Switches
Television Triplers
Television Wall Brackets
Test Meters
Tweeter Speakers
Uniden Products
Universal Replacement Remote Controls
Vehicle Alarms
Video A/C Heads
Video Audio Control Heads
Video Back Tension Bands
Video Belts
Video Convertors
Video Gears
Video Head Cleaning Rollers
Video Heads
Video Idlers
Video Lamps
Video Mode Switches
Video Motors
Video Pinch Rollers
Video Processors
Video Remote Controls
Video Stabilizers
Voltage Regulators
Wall Mounting Brackets
Wire Wound Resistors
Woofer Speakers
Zener Diodes

e_mail.gif Still can't find what you are looking for, send us an email and one of our customer services team will be able to assist.


Parts Division
We carry over 35,000 product lines including a large range of service and electronic spare parts for Televisions, Videos, Microwaves, HiFi and Home Audio, DVD, & Computer Products. We also carry Telephone Accessories, Service Tools, Service Chemicals, Aerials, Resistors, Capacitors, Transistors, Semi Conductors, Fuses, Power Packs, Switch Mode Power Supplies, Power Invertors, Fans, Leads, Plugs, Sockets & Interconnect Leads. We are also the New Zealand spare parts agent for Uniden and Philips.

A/V Division
The Audio Video Division has grown along with incredible advances in A/V technology. TradeTech now supplies a wide range of Prolink branded A/V Leads (including HDMI, Component & Composite), A/V and Speaker Cables, Plugs Sockets & Connectors, Distribution Systems, Speakers and Wall Brackets to Installers both large and small, Wholesalers and the General Public throughout New Zealand.

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