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How to use this site

This website has our full online catalogue which you can search through. The indepth Search allows you to search for parts based on the Part Numbers, Descriptions, Keywords and Technical Information.

You can enter as many or as few keywords in the search box. The search will return results which have all the keywords in it. You don't need to use a whole word, entering just a few letters will often do.

You can also order each of these parts online. Simply locate the part you want, and click the "Add to Cart" button. This will add the required number of that part to your order. You can adjust the quantity by altering the quantity on the Shopping Cart page and pressing the "Update" button. Note, you can only update the quantity of one part at a time. As you adjust the quantity, the totals will also update.

To delete an item from your basket, click on the "Trash Can", it will then be removed from your basket.

You can add as many items to your basket as you need. Just keep on searching and adding to your basket until you have all the items you need, then submit the order. This means you can place an order for a complete range of parts in one go, you do not need to order each part individually.

Account Holders who login, may logout or exit their web browser without loosing their order, items in the Shopping Cart  are saved and on next login are automatically placed back in your Cart.

Once you have all the item(s) you require, complete the email and comments fields and submit your order. You'll receive confirmation of the order immediately.

Freight calculations are approximate only and are subject to our final ruling, some items may not be able to be shipped overseas (namely Aerosols, Dangerous Goods, Aerials, Coax Cables and some bulky and heavy items). We will send you an email detailing the exact freight costs before we process your order.

Search Tips

When looking for parts using the Parts Search facility use the following helpful hints:

- We have included keywords to help improve searching, the search facility looks at the keywords (including mispellings), part number, description fields and all relevant website pages.
- Use a 'space' between words. ie. aerial prolink vhf or philips speaker.
It is suggested to always Search using the "All words" selection for extended results.
It is also suggested to Search using the "Exact phrase" selection for exact defined results.
- Start your search with maybe one word, then narrow it down by adding more words:
hdmi = 441 results -:- hdmi extender = 34 results -:- hdmi extender cat6 = 11 results -:- hdmi extender cat6 hdbaset = 3 results
aerial = 790 results -:- aerial prolink = 84 results -:- aerial prolink vhf = 22 results
television = 949 results -:- television bracket = 246 results -:- television bracket swivel = 85 results -:- television bracket swivel black = 51 results
speaker = 759 results -:- speaker round = 222 results -:- speaker round midrange = 10 results
speaker selector = 937 results -:- speaker selector + "Exact phrase" = 5 results


Retail or Non Account Customers can simply go to the Search box, add items to the Shopping Cart. Once your order is completed, click on the "Checkout" button, you will be directed to a Secure webpage ( indicated by the 'https://' ) to complete the transaction, payment is by Credit Card using the DPS service.

Trade Customers who have an account can login with their supplied details. Trade customers who do not yet have a login can request their login details by contacting Customer Services.

Required Software

Throughout this website, you will find countless downloads, mostly pdf's. All pdf's have been zipped up to reduce the file size and to make downloading easy.
You will need to have software installed on your computer to be able to unzip and then read these files.
If you do not have this software, it can be downloaded from the Developers site free of charge. Some software is an evaluation/trial copy, after the evaluation/trial period has expired, you will be required to make payment to the Developer if you continue to use them.

The software is available for download from the Developers website
Winzip - an unzip utility (free to use for en evaluation/trial period)
Acrobat Reader - used to read pdf files (free to use)
also recommended is:
Fresh Download - is a Download Manager and is ideal for downloading large files when using a dialup connection (free to use)

Browser Support

TradeTech uses who tries to ensure our website work flawlessly on all modern and standards compliant browsers.

In particular, our core browser support includes the following:
  • Internet Explorer 7
  • Firefox 2.20 and 3+
  • Safari 3

We test each release of the Zeald Website Manager software against these browsers, and these browsers are officially supported (in the sense that we consider rendering issues in these browsers to be serious bugs)

Since we follow a standards-based approach to developing websites (with specific browser-specific code to deal with flaws in particular browsers isolated from other browsers), our websites should work with other less widely used browsers provided they are reasonably up to date, eg:
  • Opera
  • Konqueror
  • Screen readers and search engines
  • Mobile phone/pda browsers

However we cannot guarantee that where these browser deviate from web-standards that we will work around all of their flaws and bugs.

However unfortunately due to the continually changing nature of the internet, without limiting the features available to the majority of web users Zeald cannot support browsers that are no longer supported by their manufacturers: in particular this includes:

Internet Explorer 5.2 on Apple computers (Microsoft ceased development of IE for mac in 2000 and stopped offering it for download in 2006 and recomends use of Safari)
Internet Explorer 6 on Windows - (Microsoft has now pushed out the update to internet explorer 7 to all computers including pirated copies of windows)
Netscape 6 or below
Opera 8 or below

Note that we also do not support development beta releases of browsers- eg Internet Explorer 8 Beta or release candidates, since these may contain bugs that we have no way of fixing or working around.

Here is a simple guide to fixing some of the compatibility issues with IE8


Still having problems ?

e_mail.gifPlease send us an email and we will answer your question, or you can simply call Customer Service on (09) 478-2323 for assistance


Parts Division
We carry over 35,000 product lines including a large range of service and electronic spare parts for Televisions, Videos, Microwaves, HiFi and Home Audio, DVD, & Computer Products. We also carry Telephone Accessories, Service Tools, Service Chemicals, Aerials, Resistors, Capacitors, Transistors, Semi Conductors, Fuses, Power Packs, Switch Mode Power Supplies, Power Invertors, Fans, Leads, Plugs, Sockets & Interconnect Leads. We are also the New Zealand spare parts agent for Uniden and Philips.

A/V Division
The Audio Video Division has grown along with incredible advances in A/V technology. TradeTech now supplies a wide range of Prolink branded A/V Leads (including HDMI, Component & Composite), A/V and Speaker Cables, Plugs Sockets & Connectors, Distribution Systems, Speakers and Wall Brackets to Installers both large and small, Wholesalers and the General Public throughout New Zealand.

Remember to for future reference.