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TradeTech's reputation results in business growth

TradeTech's growth strategy depends on our ability to attract major agencies and to distribute electronic parts, components and accessories in a timely fashion to customers throughout New Zealand and internationally.

Click on the logos below to find out about the other agencies that we represent.




Suppliers of Cleaners, Lubricants, Enhancers, Preservativies, and accessories for Electronic, Electrical and Mechanical Applications



Suppliers of Cellphone Accessories



Support Watch TV
Suppliers of TV, LCD, Plasma, Projector, Speaker and Component brackets for mounting on Walls, Ceilings and Floor standing.


One For All

Universal Remote Controls and Sound & Vision products.

TradeTech Agency Listing

Below is a list of agencies represented by TradeTech.

Click on the name or logo for more details on each supplier.

AFAF logo

- PC cleaning products
- Office Equipment cleaning products
- Multi-media cleaning products


- Cleaners
- Lubricants
- Contact Enhancers
- Contact Preservativies
- Accessories for Electronic, Electrical and Mechanical Applications


- Conformal Coatings


- Electronic & mechanical Cleaning Products


- Soldering Stations
- Rework Stations
- Hot Air Blower
- Smoke Absorbers

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Parts Division
We carry over 35,000 product lines including a large range of service and electronic spare parts for Televisions, Videos, Microwaves, HiFi and Home Audio, DVD, & Computer Products. We also carry Telephone Accessories, Service Tools, Service Chemicals, Aerials, Resistors, Capacitors, Transistors, Semi Conductors, Fuses, Power Packs, Switch Mode Power Supplies, Power Invertors, Fans, Leads, Plugs, Sockets & Interconnect Leads. We are also the New Zealand spare parts agent for Uniden and Philips.

A/V Division
The Audio Video Division has grown along with incredible advances in A/V technology. TradeTech now supplies a wide range of Prolink branded A/V Leads (including HDMI, Component & Composite), A/V and Speaker Cables, Plugs Sockets & Connectors, Distribution Systems, Speakers and Wall Brackets to Installers both large and small, Wholesalers and the General Public throughout New Zealand.

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